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Buy Levitra Online: Prices, dosage and side effects

Levitra is a treatment similar to Viagra, whose goal is to treat erectile disorders related to the phenomenon called impotence. Buy a box of Levitra online Impotence is when the man is unable to get an erection of the penis, or only for a very short time that does not allow him to be fully fulfilled by his sex life.

To qualify as an erectile disorder , it must occur frequently and persistently in men who are yet excited and have no problem of libido. (It is also called in common language the sexual breakdown).

This anomaly is more common than we think, but the taboo surrounding it understates its scope. Levitra is an effective treatment against this erectile dysfunction , treatment that allows each time it is taken to obtain rigidity of the penis. However, it does not cure in the long term, the man will have to take Levitra at each sexual relation in order to obtain an erection .

Levitra, a drug from Bayer Laboratories

Levitra is therefore similar to the famous Viagra. This blue pill world famous has indeed seen many competitors appear once the patent held by Pfizer laboratories fell into the public domain. Levitra is now produced by Bayer Laboratories . Its generic is Vardenafil and it is also the name of the active ingredient contained in Levitra.

Levitra is produced by Bayer LaboratoriesLevitra is very well known and is widespread on the market. Its advantage over other brands and competitors is that it acts faster and is faster. It is indeed possible to obtain an erection 25 minutes only after taking . This makes it less necessary to predict the timing of the report, to allow it to be more spontaneous.


The causes are of two kinds: organic and psychological.

Organic first, because it may be that your eating behavior (alcohol, tobacco ..), other medications that you take or diseases (diabetes) that you suffer prevent you from getting an erection of the penis.
Psychological then, because many erections are not obtained because of too much stress or an emotion too lively when making love.

These men are indeed overwhelmed with emotions by the fact of having sex, and this disrupts the transmission of nerve stimuli. These psychological causes are not solely related to the sexual relations themselves, but the stress of everyday life or depression can affect your nervous system, even if it is unconscious and you are sexually excited.

Under normal conditions, when the brain is sexually stimulated, it sends impulses to the penile muscles as nerve signals via the erector nerves.

These signals are going to be at the origin of an erector mechanism which will lead to the increase of the flow of blood in the penile system:

  • CGMPs will see their concentration increase
  • The cavernous body (smooth msucles) relaxes
  • The inflow of blood and the spongy body get thinner with blood, the size of the penis increases
  • The penile veins, usually responsible for draining blood from the penis, are compressed. Thus unable to fulfill their function, the blood pressure increases and an erection occurs.
  • At the time of ejaculation, the phenomenon is reversed with the appearance of PDE5 enzymes that destroy the cGMP enzymes and thus allow the restoration of venous return. The blood is evacuated, the smooth muscles contract and the penis becomes soft again.

In this mechanism, Levitra will therefore act on the restoration of the reception of the message which is disturbed by the PDE5 enzymes present from the excess start.

The active substance Levitra, Vardenafil, degrade these enzymes and thus makes the normal conditions of an erection. This is where it is said that this drug belongs to the family of inhibitors XX. And this is why it is necessary to have sexual stimulation because Levitra will allow a return in normal conditions at the enzymic level and thus promote the transmission of the sexual impulse: it is still necessary that sexual stimulation there at.

To know: If your sexual disorder is in fact a desire reduction problem, Levitra will be ineffective.

Dosage (2.5 mg / 5 mg / 10 mg / 20 mg)

How to take it: Levitra comes in the form of a tablet of 30 soluble tablets to take orally. The man will take a tablet with a little water, between 25 minutes and one hour before sex. He can take it outside of meals without problems, with alcohol during a romantic dinner too.

However, it should be noted that alcohol does not promote the appearance of an erection, even in men with no problem of impotence. This combination must be avoided to maximize the chances of achieving a satisfactory penile erection.

At the time of intercourse, the man should be excited and / or sexually stimulated to promote the onset of erection of the penis. This is an imperative condition to ensure the effectiveness of the drug.

Different dosages exist , dosages that depend on the health condition of the individual, the origin of his erectile dysfunction as well as its severity.

The first dose is 2.5 mg. It corresponds to erectile dysfunction of the first degree, which concerns especially stressed individuals who manage to obtain a normal erection to low, but who find that they can happen relatively often sexual breakdowns and / or erections that last little.

The second dose is 5 mg. People with low-level impotence are affected by this dose. This refers to recurrent erectile dysfunction: in this context the man does not manage to obtain a normal erection but it can happen that erections occur from time to time although they are rare and short-lived.

Note: Older men are also likely to take this dose. This dose is also recommended for at-risk patients to evaluate their Levitra tolerance and to initiate this therapy.

The third dose is 10 mg . It corresponds to a moderate erectile disorder, which concerns very emotional men who do not get an erection at all. It can also affect men who have an illness.

The fourth dose is 20 mg. It concerns people who suffer from a severe, persistent and systematic dysfunction. The cause is often double, organic and psychological. The men concerned are often ultra-emotional and extremely stressed men, or having undergone an operation, or affected by an illness or combining several of these factors.

Your doctor will be able to prescribe the dose that best suits your situation. It is important to discuss with you the details of your condition, without forgetting your emotions and your psychological state that can contribute to your state of helplessness.

Do not try to increase the doses alone , take care to respect the prescribed doses. In fact, your doctor gives you the dose that suits you best: taking a double dose thinking that it will prolong or stiffen your erection is a mistake. However, if you notice an inefficiency or are not satisfied with your erection, discuss it with your doctor, he will guide you and direct you to a higher dose only if necessary and without risk.

Regardless of the dosage chosen, you should never take Levitra more than once a day, even if your intake does not exceed 20 mg!

Levitra Orodispersible (10 mg)

Possible purchase of Levitra OrodispersibleThis is another version of this drug against sexual breakdowns which has the advantage of being more discreet when taken.

This orodispersible version of Levitra is therefore in the form of soluble tablets, which do not require glass of water to be ingested.

Just place them on (or under) the tongue so that they dilute, disperse and be swallowed by the male body.

Thanks to this mode of administration, this treatment acts more quickly and the decision is made in all discretion. It allows a spontaneous use that does not require the interruption of sexual intercourse.

The only available dosage is 10mg and doctors will tend to prescribe this drug to male individuals who have already been sensitized to taking the “classic” version of this treatment (except 20 mg).

Side and unwanted effects

Frequent and uncommon side effects may occur when taking Levitra, regardless of whether it is punctual or daily. Many men will never see the side effects, while others will experience more, with different bodies and physical conditions. The list below is therefore not exhaustive, and you must be vigilant, consult a doctor if you notice the occurrence or recurrence of any of the effects listed below or a particular phenomenon that raises your doubt.

The first known side effect and the appearance of headache, 10% of the patients note it. Then come disorders of vision and dizziness but they are very infrequent. However, because of the possible occurrence of these side effects, people handling machines or driving vehicles must be extra vigilant throughout their use of Levitra, and avoid taking Levitra just before an activity requiring them. handling.

Finally, you can potentially notice hot flushes, palpitations (uncommon) and digestive disorders (nausea, abdominal pain ..), nasal congestion and discharge.

Precautions and contraindications

Levitra should be taken with caution especially in people at risk. Depending on your background, your physical condition, monitoring more or less increased or even a total ban are required. Your doctor is best able to advise you and inform you about the potential risks or behavior to adopt, the elements to watch.

To read: the side effects of levitraHe will perform a complete medical check-up, including a cardiac examination to determine whether or not you can use Levitra.

It is initially contraindicated in people in people who are hypersensitive to the active substance of Levitra, Vardenil, and to one of these known excipients.

People who have had or have one of the following conditions are also contraindicated and should not take Levitra:

  • severe hepatic insufficiency,
  • severe renal insufficiency
  • severe heart failure, angina pectoris (angina)
  • hypotensive people
  • people with impaired vision, especially retinal diseases, loss of vision of an eye …
  • people whose low physical activity is recommended and in whom sexual activity can be dangerous
  • anatomical abnormalities of the penis or people who are more likely to develop priapism

Finally, the following drug interactions prohibit the use of Levitra:

  • the use of other enzyme inhibitors (CYP3A4) in men over 75 years of age. Especially people who use anti-virals as part of an anti-HIV treatment such as ritonavir and indinavir should not take Levitra.
  • Treatments containing nitrates used to treat heart failure and angina breasts in particular.

Where to buy Levitra?

To buy this medicine, two solutions are available to you:

1) You can go through the traditional circuit: first consult a doctor, who will provide you with a prescription, so that you can buy this treatment in a physical pharmacy (available in the vast majority of outlets)

2) For reasons of practicality , economy and discretion , you can also buy Levitra online . This can indeed be a great solution if you want to save the cost (and time) of a regular consultation with a doctor, travel to the pharmacy and the margins for these facilities.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the online platform chosen! Some sites do not hesitate to offer the ” Levitra cheap ” and sometimes even ” without a prescription “. In addition to being perfectly illegal, you would put your health at stake by making your purchase via these platforms. It is not uncommon to find long-standing products or even counterfeit products.

To avoid all risks, our teams advise you to order your Levitra online via an approved pharmacy (such as the links on our website) for the sale of medicine in Europe. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to ask our opinion!

At what price?

The price of this medicine varies according to its dosage. Thus, you can find it in pharmacy, but also on the internet, at a price of (for 4 tablets):

Buy your treatments on Treated which is an approved pharmacy

  • 85 € for 4 pills with a dosage of 5mg
  • 98 € for 4 pills with a dosage of 10mg
  • € 109 for 4 pills with a dosage of 20mg

Regarding the Levitra OD , you can find it from € 80 for 4 orodispersible tablets.

Reminder: Once again, it is useful to specify that finding prices less important than those posted on this site can be extremely suspicious! By buying cheaper, you are not assured of the quality of the prescribed treatments. A licensed platform is serious can not afford to sell the real Levitra below the averages shown.

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